COST Action ENOTTA WG2-WG3 Joint Publication is available online now!

Based on results from the COST Action ENOTTA recent survey, ENOTTA members have penned an overview of laboratories active in the field of TDM of therapeutic antibodies and their approaches to analytics and TDM. The article is open access, and can be found here:

The Abstract:

The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) action ENOTTA (The European Network on Optimising Treatment with Therapeutic Antibodies in chronic inflammatory diseases) was launched in 2022. To pave the way for harmonization of analytical methods for quantitation of serum levels of therapeutic antibodies in research and clinical settings, ENOTTA recently performed an online survey mapping laboratories in the field. The survey, which contained 30 questions surrounding therapeutic drug monitoring of relevant drugs and anti-drug antibodies, was distributed via the ENOTTA and European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory networks. Among 63 respondents across Europe, 45 reported analytical activity, with a range of utilized methods. Future engagement of as many sites as possible will enable comparison of methodologies and facilitate progress in the field.

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